Wedding Trends For 2020

We have arrived in a new decade and there are lots of exciting ideas and inspiration that we can take from 2019 moving forward into the new year.  We wanted to give readers our top wedding design ideas for you to take away and make your own in 2020. 

Nature Themed

Green weddings are on the rise.  More and more people are getting married in nature themed environments, but people are also looking to make their weddings as environmental friendly as possible to go along with this idea.

Small Weddings 

Many people are choosing to opt for the small, intimate wedding vibe that comes with only inviting close friends and family.  These weddings are often more personal and bespoke, so don’t be fooled into thinking that they will be cheaper.

Inclusive Menus

Gone are the days when guests could chose between one of two set meals.  Now the trend is moving towards all inclusive menus that cater for everyone, from gluten free to veggie and vegan.


Another trend on the rise is spiritual vibes brought into the wedding.  Think crystals, stones and good energy.

Fully Lit

Lighting it would seem is all important nowadays. Lighting you wedding reception and ceremony light a studio is becoming the norm and makes for stunning photographs.

Edible Decorations

Edible flowers and other decorations are appearing in a lot of weddings and adds some fun and enjoyment to otherwise static decorations.


The tradition layout of one head table and many other guest tables is being challenged.  Now weddings are starting to have long winding tables and more communal dinning arrangements.


Self-serve drinks and snacks have been done in the past, but now there are fancy dispensers for wine and champagne which adds to the guest experience.