Wedding Industry in The UK is A Lucrative One

The UK wedding industry is worth £10 billion a year, and the average cost of a wedding in the UK is just over £36,000.  It is no surprise then that businesses and freelancers are all trying to get a slice of the action.  We decided to make a guide for businesses and freelancers that are looking to take on wedding clients.


If you are already working as a photographer, you should consider expanding your horizons.  Most wedding photographers benefit from full day bookings as well as post production work.  If you have experience working with live subjects as a photographer, then moving towards a more wedding focused serviced should be a piece of cake.


Companies with experience doing temporary events and pop up shop outfitting are in demand in the wedding industry.  Even if you continue your operations as usual but expand your client base to include weddings, you could seriously boost your income.  Many wedding venues that are chosen nowadays are in need of some serious sprucing up in order to make it a suitable venue for the wedding.


If you are fortunate enough to own a large property or space, then you should consider advertising your space for weddings.  On average, a venue that is used for a wedding can make almost 3 times the amount it would normally make for an event like a birthday or other party.  Properties that are situated out in picturesque environments are proving particularly popular, and the premises does not even have to be that big if the clients are looking for a smaller, more intimate environment. 

Bridal Dress Makers

If you have skills with a sewing machine, you may be surprised to find out that not everyone wants a high priced dress from a designer shop.  More and more people are looking for a custom dress that suits their exact needs.  Also, many people are choosing to wear a dress that is important to their family, but might require some special alterations.