The Top New Year’s Resolutions of 2018 | Stay Woke 18

2018 is the year of promise for many people. Campaigns for equality for women and race, people with disabilities and the LGBTQ community have been running for centuries and decades respectively. Many people around the globe are also fighting the good fight for environmental issues. In 2018, the effects of climate change are not only posing a deadly threat to remote aboriginal locations but across densely populated first world nations. Plus now many years on from the contagion of capitalism and mass production people are finally waking up and saying no to the food that we have been consuming from which the source is ambiguous. It’s the era of “staying woke” and more and more members of society are striving to live right way, to better the lives of the people, the animals and the environment. If you want to start living your best life then have a look at some of the top New Year’s resolutions of 2018.

Read More Books and Stop Watching Crap Telly in 2018

We live in a world full of financial stress, political fear and war terrorism. It is understandable that people need a break from it all. However there are too many televisions programmes that are reality nonsense or inappropriate and offensive drivel. We’ve all been guilty of getting sucked in but this year it’s time to resist. If you are looking for an outlet of escapism why not try good old fashioned reading. There is literally thousands of years of literature available to you and who knows what you might end up learning. If you aren’t into fiction you could try reading some modern day non-fiction literature about mindfulness, positivity and productiveness. These are very popular themes in non-fiction today and could open your mind to new ways of living plus a great way to stay woke in 2018.

A book being read in 2018

Plant Some Seeds in 2018

We all know the importance of trees and plants to the survival of the eco-system and therefore to the survival of humans. If you have a garden, plant some bulbs. If you have the space indoors you could maybe build an indoor utopia. If you don’t have garden or the space for an indoor garden you could volunteer at a community garden or park and help to bring more foliage into the world.

A little seedling plant in 2018

Turn Off Your Phone in 2018

Smart phones have taken over the world! It is true that life is made much easier and moves much faster now that we have everything we need on one device at our fingertips. However we are indecently engrossed in that black mirror, in particular millennials with social media which has proved to have detrimental effects on mental health. In 2018 make a pact with yourself to switch off your phone more. Whether it’s a couple of hours a day or only for a whole day at a time or even just when you are having dinner with a friend. Try switching off your phone and engaging with the people and objects around you. Live in the moment, not in the internet.