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How to Find the Best Wedding Band in Scotland for You

Weddings are amazing, beautiful, stressful things. The more you can do to make your big day run as smooth as possible the better. Here are some tips for helping you find the best wedding band in Scotland.

Type of Music

The first step in choosing a wedding band is deciding what type of music you want them to play. Chances are that not a lot of live bands will be able to provide you with many different genres of music, so you will likely have to choose one option.

Decide if you want a party atmosphere or a laid-back and intimate one.

What Part of the Wedding Will the band Be Part of?

Every part of your wedding can have music. You may want entertainment for the ceremony, reception, meal and after party, but the price will reflect this.


Once you’ve decided on a genre, research what bands are available and get quotes from them. Your first choice may not be available, especially if they’re a really good band so look for good reviews and testimonials online.

best wedding band in scotland

Ask to See Them Play Prior to Booking

Where possible, ask to see your band play a few songs before committing. This will allow you to hear if they are as good as they are on recordings/videos. This will be far easier if you select a local wedding band to play for you.

Request a Full Set List

This will help ensure that there is a variety of music for everyone to enjoy. But most importantly, you need to make sure that you like the song choices. If you want to request songs, ensure you do it with enough time before the big day as possible and be sure to ask if that is included in the price or if you’ll need to pay extra.

Check They Have Proper Insurance

Always check that the band you choose has the correct insurance. They should have the following;

  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Portable Appliance Testing

Some venues are very adamant about seeing these documents, so ensuring your band has them eliminates them getting turned away at the door.

Also make sure that a contract and deposit is arranged prior to the wedding.

Put Your Band in Contact with Your Venue

In most cases, your venue or wedding planner can be put in touch with your band. This will ensure that any technical details, such as; where to park, correct entrance etc. are already pre-arranged with the band. Meaning you have nothing to worry about.

Keep in Touch with Your Band

Lastly, keep in touch with your band during the process of your wedding. Things change and all parties involved should be kept on the same page to ensure the smooth running of your wedding.


How to Find the Best Wedding Band in Glasgow

If you are looking for the best wedding band in Glasgow, it can be a difficult decision to make. Ensure you do plenty of research and follow all the steps above so that you’re not left disappointed.