Top Tips For Brides To Be

Where to begin? Are you recently engaged? The first one out of your single friends? Don’t panic, they key to a good wedding is in the detail. Planning ahead is, of course, the best thing you can do and leaving you wedding until 2 years away is a super smart thing to do. The bridal basics are detailed before, so get your pen and paper ready because you’re going to need to take some notes.

Shoes & Dress

Trying different dresses on is the only way you will be able to get a feel of the kind of fit you need. The style, shape and colour could all change depending on the trial and error phase. As for shoes, once you pick the pair that you love, the best thing you can do is to wear your wedding shoes before the big day to make sure they’re comfy. Don’t worry too much about keeping them in good condition, wear them when you are watching tv, not when you are making dinner and try to avoid the kitchen at all costs. Make sure that you only wear them inside the house.


If you want to diet for your big day then this is your choice, at the end of the day all brides want to look amazing, but keep your goals realistic and sensible. The best thing you can do is stay balanced with eating clean and going to the gym every couple of days. You were engaged to your partner for a reason – they love every bit of you.

Planning Your Gift List

If you already live together then planning a gift list can be hard. If you are really stuck then the best thing you can do is to buy interior design and home décor magazines and tear out pictures of the styles and looks you love.

Budget for Everything

Sometimes it is best to budget wedding costs to have the honeymoon of your dreams. There are other options if you can’t afford your dream holiday, use a site like as an alternative to a gift list. This means that your guests can contribute towards flights and accommodation.


Weather: Prepare For The Worst

In a dream world, rain wouldn’t even be a consideration when you are planning your wedding. The best thing you can do is have a plan A and B. So that your dress doesn’t get dirty after a soggy trip,  ask your ushers to take old towels with them to the church or venue they can dry the floor so your dress doesn’t end up covered in muddy water.  Make sure that your wedding party have umbrellas in the car, just in case it starts to pour down. Wind, sun, rain, snow. Make sure your wedding day is about you and not the weather forecast.